Thursday, September 14, 2017

Week of September 18th

Bible Story: Noah and the Flood  (Genesis 6-9)

Letter of the Week: "Kk"

Math: Attributes (color, shape, and size)


1. If you have not returned the yellow Highlights paper, please do so by September 19th.  At that time I will place the order for those of you who indicated that you would like to subscribe to the magazine.  Thank you for such a positive response!

2. Homework folders come home on the first day of school for the week.  They should be returned to school on the first day the following week.  For example:  Homework folder with homework comes home on Monday.  The following Monday, the folder is returned with the completed work, and we put new homework in the folder for the week to be returned the following week and so on.

3.  Watch for information to be coming home about our trip to Bill's Berry Farm on Thursday, October 12th.  All adults going to Bill's Berry Farm need to fill out a current background check form.  We have them in the classroom.  Thanks.

4. Please send in your completed sunshines and Spotlighting Me papers if you have not done that yet.  Thank you to all of you who have already returned them.

5.  We are still accepting ASQs, ASQ-SEs, and SIP papers.  Please return them when you have completed them.  We  have 8 students left to return these papers.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Week of September 11th

Bible Story: The Fall into Sin (Genesis 3; John 3:16)

Letter of the Week: "Ss"

Math: Attributes (color, shape, & size)

Book Orders: Book orders are due Friday, September 15th.

Open House/ Ice Cream Social:  Our Open House/Ice Cream Social is Thursday, September 14 from 6:00-7:00pm.

Highlights/High Five:  We have enclosed the Highlights flyer in your students' home work folder.  Please sign and return even if you don't want to subscribe to the magazine.  We can get freebies for our classroom.  Thanks.

Sharing:  Sharing is every Friday.  Look on the Sunday column of your snack calendar for the letter of the week.  Your child's sharing item should begin with this letter sound.  Thank you.


1. Bring your completed sunshine project to school.

2. Bring your completed "Spotlighting Me" project to school.

Bring the completed ASQ, ASQ-SE, and SIP papers to school

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Week of September 4th

Bible Story: God Made Animals and People (Genesis 1:20-2:25)

Letter of the Week: "Aa"

Math:  Attributes

Vision Screening: September 5,7,11, 12 & possibly the 14th if needed.


Student Homework: Sunshines and All About Me paper

Parent Homework:

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Week of August 29th

Bible Story: God Made the World and Plants (Genesis 1)

Letter of the Week: Begins next week.

Math: Attributes

Book Orders:  Watch for book orders to come home this week.  They are due September 15.  Remember if you are ordering on line you must order before our book order coordinator closes the order.

Highlights:  We will be sending home a note to give you the opportunity to order Highlights High Five magazine for your student.  Even if you already subscribe or say, "No thanks,"  we can get free items for our classroom.  Thanks for helping us.

Vision Testing:  We will be part of vision testing this year.  It will take place on Tuesday and Thursday next week.

School Pictures:  School Picture Day has been changed!!  School pictures are now scheduled for Tuesday, October 10.  Bring your best smile!

Homework Reminders:
1. Please bring in your sunshine when it is complete.

2.  Spotlighting Me paper

Parents, you have three things:
1. ASQ
3. SIP paper

Thank you for taking the time do all of these things. We know you are busy and we appreciate all your efforts.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

For the week of June 12

Just some reminders:

Monday, June 12: 8th Grade Graduation at 6:30pm

Tuesday,June 13:  All School Field Day/Picnic-Bring your own lunch or just come for the games... (we provide water)  Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten you are invited to participate.  Bring your grown up with you and when it's our turn we will line up like the older students and have our turn.

Wednesday, June 14: Closing Chapel, Kindergarten graduation- 8:30-10:00.  Closing chapel will be in the gym.

It was a busy year.  Have a relaxing summer.

Thank you again for choosing Bethlehem Lutheran School for your child's education.  We loved working with each one.

Debbie and Rene`

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week of May 22nd

Bible Story: Philip and the Ethiopian (Acts 8:26-39)

Memory Work: Now we are children of God. 1 John 3:2

Letter of the Week: "Bb"

Math: Data and Graphing

Fall Fest Fun Day: Tuesday, May 23 is our Fall Fest Fun Day.  Remember all PK classes come in the morning.  The doors open at 8:15.  The assembly starts at 8:40 and goes until approximately 9:25.  Then we will go to our room, have a snack and a story, then go outside until our time to visit the gym at 10:00-10:30.  After that, we have some experiments to try (outside depending on the weather).  At 11:00 those staying for lunch will need to line up with their grown ups in the lunch line.  Those students that are not staying for lunch will go with Mrs. Schwisow to get ready to go to the pick up line by 11:15.  If you have questions, please ask Mrs. Schwisow or Mrs. Sistrunk.  We are anticipating a very exciting day!!

Fall Fest Fun Day is a Spirit Wear Day as well as Friday this week.  So, 2 Spirit Wear days this week.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week of May 15th

Bible Story: Peter and the Crippled Man  (Acts 3)

Memory Work: Rejoice in the Lord always.  I will say is again: Rejoice!  Philippians 4:4

Letter of the Week: "Jj"

Math: Measurement

1. Please return forms for the Fall Fest Fun Day.  If you can help, please let us know.  This will help us as we continue to plan out the day and fine tune the details.  Remember AM & PM PK come in the morning.  The day is done at 11:15.  If your child is staying for lunch he/she will need a grown up with him/her.  There is NO AFTERNOON class that day.

2. Please check your homework folder for important end of the year information.  If you have questions please ask.  Thanks!